144pcs Waterproof Baby Bottle Labels for Daycare School Supplies Name Stickers Tags

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12 sheet (total 144 tags) easy to distribute colored name stickers , enough color and quantity to better distinguish items.

These name tag are different from other rolls of stickers that you can distribute very quickly, which will save a lot of time.
They are trimmed each name tag is individual, easily peel and stick where you want.
The self-Laminating label is equipped with a clear layer that provide protection from water, oil.
The toddler name stickers can be widely pasted on glass, plastic, metal or wooden cans.
These sticker name tag more useful and perfect for inaugural meetings, family gatherings, school meetings, offices, and group events.Also suitable as book or storage label.

One Set Includes:
Hello name style: 12 tags per sheet, total 2 sheets
Cute animals style: 30 tags per sheet, total 2 sheets
Multicolor style: 30 tags per sheet, total 2 sheets

Material: vinyl stickers
Each sheet: 22.9 x 19.3cm
Small tag:
Hello name: 7.2 x 4.4cm
Cute animals: 6 x 1.9cm
Multicolor: 6 x 1.9cm

Package Contents:
1 x 144Pcs Name Tags Set