240P Mini Projector Portable Smart Projector Home Theater Video Projector

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A small portable projector can turn your living room or any surface into a comprehensive home theater. Owning this mini projector can make your home life more interesting and fulfilling!

Connect the USB interface of the projector to your mobile phone through your phone charging cable, and then the content on the mobile phone can be synchronized on the projector.
Built-in speaker, provide excellent sound quality, enhance your immersion in the movie experience.
Support 60-100 inch screen display.
Within the range of 60cm, the projection effect is the best.
Featured with a audio output port to connect headphones.
Powered by USB, with Micro charging interface, needs to connect to power bank with USB charging cable for use.
Can help to share videos and presentations.
Playing games, and chasing dramas, it is a good helper for office meetings.
Small in size, easy to carry, it fits easily into your bag.
Great for home theater, home movie or even outdoor camping!
Compatible with the iOS / Android.

1. Can only be connected to a mobile phone to use, not suitable for computer or laptop.
2. The projector does not have built-in battery, it needs to use 5V/2A power source such as a wall charger which must be 2A. (Charging plug and adapter are not included!)
3. In order to better projected, please project the movie via your mobile phone on the white wall to watch the movie in a light-free room.
4. Tripod, projector stand and phone holder are not included!!!

Material: Plastic
Colour: Yellow, White, Black
Size(LxWxThick.): 11 x 8.8 x 4.8cm
Resolution: 240P
Power supply: 5V/2A
Projection distance: within 60 meters

Package Contents:
1 x Mini Projector
1 x Charging Cable