2Pcs Silicone Stove Gap Covers

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This silicone stove gap covers help you say goodbye to that hard to clean gunk and debris that gets stuck in the gap between your stove and countertop, or any other appliances in your household.

Non-slip flexible silicones conform to your stove and counter surfaces and adapt to any uneven spaces
Anti-dust and smudge-resistant design
T-shape, simple to install and remove
Easy to clean
Heat resistant, durable and soft
Easily customize to your stove by cutting to size using scissors
Dishwasher safe

Material: silicone
Colour: black, transparent
21 inches: 53.5cm(L) x 5.6cm(W) x 1.1cm(H)
25 inches: 63cm(L) x 5.6cm(W) x 1.1cm(H)

Package contents: 2 x silicone stove gap covers