2Pcs Wasp Traps Outdoor Hanging Bee Traps Catcher

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Get rid of annoying and often dangerous wasps in your yard or garden with this reusable wasp trap, perfect for garden yards and camping

The hornet trap for outdoors is 6 horn holes, it can catch many wasps more effectively
The waso repellent outdoor has a large entaance but a small exit, and a wasp entering a yellow jacket trap will not be able to escape
The integrated design at the bottom is not easy to leak
Pouring honey water, fruit vinegar, sugar water, or fruit wine both can attract bees, hornets, yellow jackets, and wasps
Can be hung on a treetop or placed on a table
Washing and reusable many seasons, safe and clean

Material: PS
Colour: Orange, Yellow
Size: 13 x 13 x 14 cm

1. Unscrew the trap lid.
2. Pour fruit juice, cordial or soft drink into the trap - ensure that liquid does not go above the level of the lowest holes.
3. Screw the trap lid back on.
4. Position the trap 1.2 meters above the ground for the most effective use.
5. Leave the trap until no more liquid remains.
6. Empty the trap and clean thoroughly with warm soapy water before reuse.

Please Notes:
1. Due to manual measurement, there might be a tolerance in the product size.
2. It is recommended the trap be placed at least 20 ft. away from an outdoor activity area, such as a patio or deck to keep your backyard activities sting-free.

Package Contents:
2 x Wasp Bee Traps Catcher