3 Pairs Fake Eyelashes Reusable Self-adhesive False Eyelashes

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This kind of false eyelash is moderately soft and hard, natural, thick, long, which can meet your kinds of need for various occasions

You will get 3 pairs different style fake eyelashes
Comes with 4 adhesive strips, and each adhesive strip can be reused about 3-5 times
Self-adhesive, you can stick them directly on the eyelashes without using glue
The reusable eyelashes are light in weight, and you can't even feel them when wearing them
Made of chemical fiber material, they look as natural as real eyelashes
Natural look fake eyelashes are very decorative, suitable for daily life, weddings, dance parties, parties, travel and other occasions

1. False eyelashes cannot be washed, they will lose their stickiness after washing
2. Tweezers not included

Material: chemical fiber
Color: black
Overall length: 30mm
eyelashes length: 10mm-15mm
Storage box(Dia.xThick.): 7.5 x 2cm

Package contents:
3 pairs of false eyelashes(Tweezers not included)