3Pcs Lotion Pump Refillable Empty Bottle for Travel

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This cosmetic dispensing bottle is small in size and convenient to use, suitable for dispensing and carrying your cosmetics before traveling.

Various capacities to choose from.
With a straw-less design, which is convenient to use.
Made of plastic, leak-proof and shatterproof.
Maintains shelf life preventing skin care products to come in contact with bacteria and pollution.
Minimizes waste.
Suitable for lotion or other very thin liquid skin care products.
Easy to carry around and save space, lighter than the make-up bottle, you can put it in a shoulder bag or even in a bag.

Material: AS
Size(Dia x H):
S: 34 x 100mm (Capacity: 15ml)
M: 34 x 121mm (Capacity: 30ml)
L: 34 x 152mm (Capacity: 50ml)
Colour: Transparent

1. Only when it is completely filled, the liquid in the bottle can be pressed out for use.
2. The liquid in the bottle should not be too thick, otherwise it will not work normally. For example, face cream cannot be used in this bottle.

Package Contents:
3 x Cosmetic Container