40 Pairs Disposable Nipple Covers

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This nipple stickers is soft to the touch and it is invisible breathable that you won't even know you're wearing them. It keeping your breasts supported and perky, bring your total different wearing experience

Circular, quincunx design fits perfectly the bust shape
Its cuticolor and lightness make it almost invisible
Adhesive pasties do no harm and irritation to skin
Suitable size to completely cover the nipple
Used as undergarments for swimwear, formal dresses

1.Wash and dry your body to ensure the petal's sticking surface is clean.
2.Peel the backing off the breast petal
3.Center the petal over the breast and apply light pressure until it sticks.
4.To remove, gently pull the petal off the breast. If any adhesive remains, use rubbing alcohol or baby oil to remove it.

Material: non-woven fabric
Style: circular, quincunx
Dimensions: 6 x 6 cm

Package Contents: 
40 x Pairs Disposable Nipple Covers