5Pcs 10ml Glass Essential Oil Roller Bottles

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These 10ml glass rollerball bottles with caps are a convenient way to apply diluted essential oils or home made personal care products to your skin.

Roller ball are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and well-made.
Roller balls design have a massage effect, so that the liquid can be slowly oozing out, avoid pouring out a lot of liquid at one time, easy to apply the essential oil.
The screw thread finish bottle mouth, strong sealing, to prevent its rapid volatilization.
Convenient to carry, it can be put in ladies handbags, purses, pockets, etc, a good choice for lightly packing and traveling.
Meet your daily routine beauty care needs for eyes, face, and body.
The 10ml glass roll-on bottle for reusable, suitable for replenishing essential oils, perfumes, lotions, hydrosols, essences, etc. for different purposes.

Note: the essential oil bottle is empty

Material: Glass+Steel ball+Plastic cover
Color: Green, Pink, Blue, Purple, Yellow
Capacity: 10ml
Product Size :8.5x1.9CM
Roller Ball Dia.: 10mm
Glass bottles thickness: 3mm

Package Contents:
5Pcs 10ml Glass Roller Bottles