5Pcs Circular flea trap sticky insects trap sticky paper for flea

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Safe and effective: use light, heat, color, and smell to attract fleas and stick them firmly on paper, suggested using in light; the sticky paper is non-toxic and ordorless; the strength of the sticky paper can prevent insects from flying away; safe for pet and child; providing you a flea-free living environment.
Easy to clean: Simply insert a glue-board and install a bulb, then the flea trap is ready for trapping flea and other insects; after one sticky paper is full of insect bodies, you can directly replace it with a brand new sticky paper, not much worry about dealing with dead insect bodies.
Wide application: using physical trapping; suitable for trapping fleas, flying ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and other insects; suitable for indoor, can be put at kitchen, bedroom, living room etc.
Professional and qualified: the product owns several certificates domestically and internationally, including CE, RoHS certificates and a test report from authoratative organizations.

Dimensions: 22cm * 21cm * 0.5cm
Shape: circle
Usually, one sticky paper can be used for two weeks. Once it is full, it needs to be changed. If there are much dust in the room and the sticky paper is full of dust, it also needs to be changed, depending on the actual situation. One flea trap is suggested to prepare 4-5 sticky paper.

Package Contents: 5 x Circular flea trap sticky insects trap sticky paper for flea