61/88 Keys Removable Silicone Piano Keyboard Note Labels Set Piano Practice Note Chart without Stickers

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No glue no need to stick, unlike traditional piano keyboard stickers, our piano keyboard letter is more convenient for beginners and adults, just put it on the piano keys in 1 second, and don't worry about harm to your piano.

88 keys set includes 3 series silicone piano tape in the box, they are low-notes silicone piano tape, mid-notes silicone piano tape, and high-notes silicone piano tape.
61 keys set includes 2 series silicone piano tape in the box, they are mid-notes silicone piano tape and high-notes silicone piano tape.
61/88-key full size, which covers all notes of the 61/88 key keyboard and is applicable to most popular piano models and standard 61/88 key piano keyboards.
These letters are clear and easy to read, and kids feel joyful learning the piano and memorizing note positions.
Very suitable for beginners and kids to learn and remember music theory, music scores, and key positions.
Easy to install and remove, with no glue, without leaving any residue, and keeping your keyboard clean and tidy.
Made of silicone, environmentally friendly, waterproof, no paste, no adhesive.
Equipped with a transparent box, which is easy to carry.
Can be reused and never fade off is very suitable for your children.

Material: Silicone
Label: White 
Letters: Black, Colorful
Keys Guide Labels Size for 88 Keys:
Length: 350mm, 375.3mm, 496.8mm
Width: 40.5mm
Keys Guide Labels Size for 61 Keys:
Length: 350mm, 496.8mm
Width: 40.5mm

Package Contents:
1 x Piano Stickers Set for 88/61 Keys