6Pcs Ring Measurement Tool Ring Sizer Measuring Tool Set

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The ring measurement tool is so convenient that people can know their exact ring size.

The clear markings allow you to see exactly where each mark falls on different finger sizes.
Small enough that you can slip them in your pocket or bag without anyone noticing.
The ring gauge is equipped with a simple design that you can wear as an elegant accessory.
Just wrap it around your finger to determine the best fit, then read off the size from the ring sizer stick.
Four different scales mentioned in its design: UK, Europe, US and Asia. The UK scale starts at "D"and goes up to "Z+5". Whereas, the U grading represents European Scale numbers (41-76).

Material: PE Plastic
Color: Black
Product Size:
Length of Ring Mandrel: 26cm
Length of Ring Sizer: 11.5cm

Package Contents:
1x Ring Mandrel with Sizer
1x Ring Sizer Gauge
2x Ring Sizers
2x Ring Sizer Beltsring Tool Set