7 Pairs of D-Curved Natural Curling False Eyelashes

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Natural cluster false eyelashes, layered from root to root, give you the perfect 3D effect, make your eyes look bigger, brighter, more charming.

One set includes 7 pairs of false eyelashes of the same style, suitable for various occasions.
Easy to use, for a hassle-free and mess-free application in minutes.
Soft, silky and lightweight, blending in easily with your natural lashes.
Easy to apply and remove.
Made of fiber, durable.
Perfect for people who want to have bright and impressive eyes.
Perfect for daily use,party or night out

1. After use, please use a wet towel to clean the glue and cosmetic residue on the eyelashes.
2. Glue is not included.

Please Note:
Since the eyelashes are made by hand, there will be a little difference between each batch of products, which is a normal phenomenon.

Material: Fiber
Color: Black
Style 1:
Overall length: 35mm
Front eyelash length: 8mm
Back eyelash length: 8mm
Middle eyelashes length: 15mm
Style 2:
Overall length: 35mm
Front eyelash length: 6mm
Back eyelash length: 10mm
Middle eyelashes length: 15mm
Style 3:
Overall length: 34mm
Front eyelash length: 12mm
Back eyelash length: 18mm
Middle eyelashes length: 17mm