7 Pocket Wall Hanging Planting Bag

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Description: This planting bag can create a good environment for your plants, suitable for hanging anywhere.

Features seven pockets that provide enough growth space for plants.
The pocket is deep enough for them to grow.
The pockets are deep enough for flowers and root vegetable plants (potatoes, radishes, peanuts, garlic, etc.)
Vertical style, with strengthen brim line for longer using.
The hanging pot is easy to install using zip ties or hooks.
Hang in fences, balcony garden, supermarket wall, garden nursery and so on.
Depending on the season, you can easily move plants out or into grow bags, while saving growing space .

Material: Polyester+Non-woven fabric
Color: Black, Green
Product Size(WxH) :28x100CM

Package Contents:
1 x Wall Hanging Planting Bag