A6 Cash Budget Binder Accounting Book Zipper Bag Kit

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This all-in-one money organizer for cash set can help you manage your funds and achieve your budget goals.

The budget binder includes card slots, memo slots, and ticket slots to meet your different needs.
The cash envelopes are perfect for storing notes, cash, coupons, cards, and other small items.
The envelopes are designed with plastic zippers to hold your items securely and prevent them from falling.
Using colorful stickers and budget sheets, you can easily process and organize your bills.
Coming with a snap closure, easy to open and close.
The budget binder comes with sticky notes so you can mark important things.
Suitable for home, office, school, and travel.
Note: The credit card, cash and coin are not included.

Material: PU leather, Paper
Color: Grey, Blue, Light blue
Budget binder: 18.9 x 13.2cm
Cash envelope: 17.4 x 10.4cm
Budget sheet: 17 x 8.76cm
Monthly planner card: 17 x 8.76cm
English sticker: 19 x 11.9cm
Cartoon sticker: 12.9 x 12.9cm
Label sticker: 20 x 12.9cm

Package Contents:
1 x budget binder
12 x cash envelope
12 x budget sheets
14 x monthly planner cards
2 sheets English stickers
1 sheet cartoon sticker
2 sheets label stickers