Adjustable Dog Muzzle for Anti-Biting

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Features a mesh design that fully covers the snout, this dog muzzle acts as an effective barrier to prevent your dog from eating poisoned bait, biting passersby, scavenging, and chewing while going out.

A fully covered design can prevent your dog from licking, taking up baits or other toxic substances, a quick nip, scavenging, picking up sticks, or bigger items on walks.
Mesh design allows your dog to breathe and drink.
Both the neck strap and the forehead strap are adjustable, and the broader straps also help it stay in place better while your dog is running around.
Made of PVC and nylon, resistant to abrasion, and tear.
Design with a release buckle, easy to put on or take off.
Lightweight makes it easier for dogs to accept something on their face, comfortable to wear.
Great for muzzle training, the soft material ensures that the muzzle will not rub or chafe the dog's nose.
Suitable for public transport or in other situations when dogs must wear a muzzle.

1. Please measure your dog's snout size before buying.
2. Trim the dog’s nails first when you plan to leave your dog alone after he/she is muzzled on. Smart dogs will try to stick nails through the mesh hole to take off or damage the muzzle. Be a responsible dog owner! Please don't let your dog wear the muzzle for a long time without your supervision.
3. Please help your dog get used to the muzzles by rewarding treats repeatedly. And remember that the muzzle should not be used for punishment.

Material: PVC, nylon
Colour: Black
Suitable for dog's snout size:
S: snout circumference: 22-25cm, snout length:6-8cm, suggest weight: 7.5-12.5kg
M: snout circumference: 24-27cm, snout length:7-9cm, suggest weight: 12.5-22.5kg
L: snout circumference: 26-31cm, snout length:7.5-9.5cm, suggest weight: 25-37.5kg
XL: snout circumference: 30-35cm, snout length:10.5-12.5cm, suggest weight: 37.5kg or more

Package Contents:
1 x Dog Muzzle