Anti Fog Snow Goggles

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Protect your eyes from direct sunlight, the influence of wind, sand and heavy fog

Ergonomic polyurethane frame, super toughness, no fracture, not easily broken
Using soft sponge, with good elasticity, comfortable to wear, no sense of pressure
There are vents on the upper and lower parts of the goggles to prevent the lens from fogging and provide you with a clear vision
Can effectively prevent iron, sand lime, gravel and other objects of the eye caused by splashing wounded
The arc design of the goggles can closely fit the human face, and the adjustable elastic band can be compatible with the helmet
Used for outdoor activities, such as cycling, climbing, riding and other activities

Frame: TPU
Lens: PC
Size: 18.8 x 8 cm
Colour:transparent, blue

Package contents:One Pair of Fog Snow Goggles