AUINWORLD 24 Knots Fitness Hula Hoop Detachable Weighted Hoops

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Product Features:
Material: plastic
Colour: Pink
Waist Circumference: 136.8cm

Product Specifications:
Aims to burn body fat quickly, this weighted hula hoop helping you achieve your ideal figure.

Wave loop bump design, massage around waist and abdomen significant fat burning effect.
May help with achieving weight management goals.
Can help shape the waist and hips.
Can be used in a variety of applications like natal recovery or office sedentary.
Can be adjusted according to the size of the waist, fits up to 132cm waist circumferenct.
Freely detachable glacier joint track.
0.2kg(approx.) gravity ball, the length of the rope can be adjusted.

Package Info:
Package Contents:
1 x Fitness Hula Hoop