Auto Rolling Refrigerator Egg Dispenser

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The Egg Box adopts a 2-layer design, the space is instantly doubled. It can be placed in any corner, not only practical but also beautiful.

Two-tier organizer with small footprint saves fridge space and lets you ditch the carton.
It is more convenient to take out after use. Using space, it can be placed steadily, whether it is a refrigerator partition or a stove.
The deep groove design ensures the stability of the eggs and keeps your refrigerator clean and tidy.
Gravity-fed design dispenses eggs one at a time with gentle rolling motion.
Create and maximize shelf space with this smart design Refrigerator Egg Dispenser.
It can be used in various places such as office refrigerators, kitchen freezers, mini refrigerators, cabinets, countertops, storage rooms, RVs, picnics, outdoors, etc.

Material: Plastic
Color: White
Product Size:8.2x36x10cm

Package Contents:
1x Egg Dispenser