Collapsible Silica Gel Outdoor Lunch Box Leakproof Folding Food Storage Food Preparation Container That Can Be Separated

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This collapsible silicone container is a perfect solution for a wide range of food storage, can be used as a lunch box for kids or adults. It is also convenient to store food when traveling, camping, hiking, on the go or as a container for prepared food.

Made of food-grade organic silicon, safe and healthy to use. Tasteless, non-sticky, easy to clean.
Adopt folding design, fold when not in use, convenient storage, save space.
PP transparent cover, clasp design, safety clasp, four side safety fastening clasp can avoid lid slack effectively.
Silica gel seal plug design, seal, prevent air leakage, please unplug the seal plug when heating.
Size and style capacity: you can choose from two styles: two-compartment, three-compartment, pink and blue. The capacity of these boxes is 900ml for two boxes and 1360ml for three boxes respectively.
The perfect bento box, fresh and delicious food for indoor and outdoor use.

Material: silicone + PP
Color: pink, blue
2 compartments: 215 x 140 x 75mm 
3 compartments: 240 x 175 x 75mm
2 compartments (350ml + 550ml)
3 compartments (230ml + 230ml + 900ml)

Package contents:
1 x Collapsible Lunch Box