Electric Cordless Water Flosser with Four Nozzles

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Aiming to help you deeply clean your mouth, this electric cordless water flosser comes with four nozzles for different purpose

Aims to help you clean every corner of your mouth
Prevent bad breath, yellow teeth, dental plaque, tooth decay, gum bleeding
Equipped with 4 nozzles for daily cleaning, periodontal pocket cleaning, tongue coating cleaning, orthodontic cleaning
1400 times/min water pulse frequency
3 modes meet various oral care needs
360° rotating nozzle design
IPX7 water-resistant
Large capacity, detachable water tank

Material: ABS
Colour: white, pink, green
Package size: 12.5cm (L) x 6.7cm (W) x 25cm (H)
Water-resistant grade: IPX7
Voltage: 3.7V
Power: 5W
Battery: 1200mAh
Tank capacity: 220ml
Water pressure: 30-80psi

Package Contents:
One electric cordless water flosser
One daily cleaning nozzle
One periodontal pocket cleaning nozzle
One tongue coating cleaning nozzle
One orthodontic cleaning nozzle