8PCS Electric Toothbrush Heads Compatible with Oral/Oralby B

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These electric toothbrush Heads actually reach deep beneath your teeth's crevices to get rid of plaque and buildup, gives your mouth a full interdental cleaning, while still being gentle on sensitive gums

With 3 types of brush heads to meet different tooth types and brushing needs
Each brush has a different color-coded identification ring, you can share with the whole family
Helps to keep your mouth clean, protect your gums and prevent tooth decay
The bristles are soft and do not hurt the gums
Fit for most Oral/Oralby B tooth brush
Side-to-side bristles sweep away plaque while middle bristles polish tooth surfaces, also can penetrates hard to reach areas

Material: POM, Nylon
Style: Soft style, Wide angle clean style, Multi-angle clean style
Toothbrush Heads: 8 cm
Box: 14 x 8.7 cm

Package Contents:
8 x Electric Toothbrush Heads Compatible with Oral/Oralby B