10M Garden Irrigation System with Adjustable Nozzle Sprinkler

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The drip irrigation system kit takes care of every plant you irrigate, after installing the watering kit, simply rotate the faucet to water all plants at once water

With 10m hose design irrigation tube and drip irrigation kit, which can water larger area of plants at one time
Each dripper can be adjusted independently according to the different water demand of each plant
Adjustable misting nozzle can be used for plants or cooling heat
Made of plastic, durable, long service life
Easy to install and use
Making effective use of water and saving water
Ideal for misting, lawn irrigation, courtyard, roof cooling, agriculture, vegetables, flower beds, swimming pool mist cooling irrigation, etc

Easy to Install:
1. Cut the required hose size
2. Connect the tee joint to the pipe
3. Adjustable dripper insert tee joint
4. Select the correct inlet according to the shape of the faucet
5. Connect the faucet at the other end

Material: PVC
Hose Length: 10m
Hose Outer Diameter: 7mm
Hose Inner Diameter: 4mm

1 x 10m 4/7 hose
1 x 4/7 quick connector
1 x Universal Connector
1 x tail dripper
10 x Adjustable Sprinklers
10 x Tee Connectors