Mini Desktop Curling Board Game Set

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Innovative professional design, smooth and wrinkle-free game mat makes for accurate bowling, curling and shuffleboard experience for Christmas nights and family parties.

It can promote the parent-child relationship, adults and kids can play against each other
It helps kids build hand-eye coordination, exercise your children's strain capacity and judgment abilities
The rollers with hidden ball bearings glide across the board to simulate the original shuffleboard and curling
Easy to set up on any flat place
Compact and easy to roll up and store

1. Suitable for ages 5 years old or above
2. Always keep an eye on young ones as they play as the rollers are tiny and can be a choking hazard

Material: Felt, Plastic, Iron
Style 1: Bowling, includes 6 x Rollers and 6 x Bowling Pins
Style 2: Dinosaur, includes 6 x Rollers
Style 3: Basketball, includes 6 x Rollers
Style 4: Football, includes 6 x Rollers
Mat(LxW): 120 x 30cm
Bowling Pin(WxH): 3 x 10cm (Only for Bowling Games Set)
Roller(LxH): 2.7 x 2.2cm

Package Contents:
One Set of Table Top Curling Board Game Set