Omelet Frying Pot Pan Non-stick Egg Dumpling Ham Pancake Steak Breakfast Maker

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This grill pan is not only for frying eggs, but also great for making pancake, sandwich, steak and burger.allow you to make these delicious food for whole families

Four-hole or three-hole design, allows you to cook different food simultaneously without mixing together
Non-stick function, easy to use and clean
The wood handle has good property of heat insulation and protects you from being burnt, easy to grip
It is evenly heated, saves energy, not easily damaged and has a long service life
Perfect for cooking egg, steak, omelets, bacon, burgers, pancakes at the same time, suitable for making breakfast for the family
Application: induction cooker, gas stove, electric ceramic stove
Noted: The handle needs to be installed by yourself

Material: Aluminum Alloy, Bakelite handle
Color: Black
2 Styles Available: Four hole frying pan, Three hole frying pan
Size Guide:
Handle: 16cm
Pot Diameter: 18cm

Package Contents:1 x Frying Pan