One Way Window Film Mirror Effect Tint Glass Cover Daytime Privacy Protecting Film

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Enjoy the comfort of light while protecting your privacy and block unpleasant peeking.

It offers great indoor Daytime privacy for your home and office by making the Outdoor window glass show a mirror effect, while you can still see outdoor views; At night, the privacy effect will reverse so the Indoor window glass will show the mirror effect and people from the outside can see in. Don't forget to spray a lot of water to wet both the adhesive side and window surface.
The one-way mirror window film blocks up to 99% of UV rays and 85% of infrared rays, protecting your skin from sunlight exposure and reducing the fading of the furniture; You can enjoy a safer and more comfortable indoor space in summer days.
Can be applied to any flat, clean, and smooth glass surfaces at home, office, kitchen, classroom, etc.
Enjoy the comfort of light while protecting your privacy and block unpleasant peeking

1. The privacy effect of the window film will vary with the change of light and angle.
2. The mirror effect means it has a slightly reflective effect, not totally like a mirror.
3. The different effects between daytime and night: The outside glass will show a mirror effect as well as keep your privacy during the daytime (If the people outside who is up close, it’s not completely invisible to the inside). At night, the outdoor glass will lose the mirror effect, and people outside can see Inside. Therefore, curtains are necessary at night.
(Reasons: The side with stronger light will have a mirror-like appearance, while the other side will be see-through. This means when indoor light is stronger than outdoor, people outside can see people inside. In general, people outside can't see people inside during the daytime)

Material: PET
Colour: brown, black, silver
S: 0.6x2m
M: 0.6x5m

Package Contents:1 x Film