Pair of Thigh Lace Leg Cover

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Featuring floral pattern and non-slip silicone, this pair thigh lace leg cover is designed to shape up your thigh and prevent skin rubbing.

Prevent skin-to-skin rubbing
Stays in place using invisible non-slip silicone
Made of elastic lace with floral pattern
Shape up your thigh to keep you beautiful
Can be worn under dresses and skirts and in athletic situations

Material: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Colour: Red, White, Black, Nude
Leg Chaffing Bands Sizes:
S: 42-50CM
M: 47-55CM
L: 52-60CM
XL: 58-65CM
2XL: 62-70VM

Package Contents:
1 Pair Anti-Chafing Tight Bands