Pet Cooling Chew Toy

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When your dog licks a frozen toy, instantly drive away the heat and feel a little cool, spending its sweltering summer day in comfort

Multiple small columns help remove scraps from your dog's teeth
Filled with water, can be frozen in the refrigerator, to cool down your overheat dog in torrid summer
Flexible, chew resistant, not hurt your dog's teeth
Clean your dog's teeth as it chews on the frozen toy
Cute shaped can attract dogs to play for a long time and brings different fun to the dog
Suitable for small and medium pets

Material: TPR
Color: Red Watermelon, Yellow Pineapple, Green Lemon
Watermelon: 9 x 10cm
Pineapple: 11.5 x 7.5cm
Lemon: 12 x 7cm

Package Contents:
1 x Pet Cooling Chew Toy