Pets Safety Mesh Gate

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The pet fence will help you put your pets where you want them to stay, worry no more for their safety and security, you can now keep them from going outside the house.

The adjustable zipper design is more convenient to use and suitable for most scenes.
Suitable for most ordinary family doors, perfect for stairs, outdoor, indoor or doorways. Pets can be prohibited from entering the area where the product is to be installed to prevent pets from damaging furniture.
Fixed by sticky hooks, easy to install.
Rods is retractable, easy to store.
Available for doors, walls or stairs indoors and outdoors.
Easily install indoor dog doors with no additional tools.
After adjusting the telescopic rod to determine the width, glue the hooks on both sides of the door
Note: please measure the size of your door before buying

Material: Nylon mesh+stainless steel rod
Product Size :
Mesh small size: 120x70CM 
Mesh large size: 90x70CM 
Rods length: 20cm-70cm(Retractable)

Package Contents:
1x Pet fence
6xSticky hooks
6xTransparent hook