Portable Blackout Shades

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Temporary blackout blinds It blocks all light coming through the window and is easy to carry.

Portable blackout Windows block out 100% of the sun.
Due to the special silver gray coating behind the blackout curtain;       Blocking sunlight creates a comfortable, pitch-black sleep environment and improves the quality of your sleep.
Easy to install and remove,perfect for fitting any window or door and easy to cut to fit small Windows.
Lightweight design allows the portable blackout blind to be easily carried and stored.
Suitable for bedroom, study, kitchen, living room, office, bathroom, garage, study, family room, etc.
Note that one side of the hook tape is attached to the window and the loop tape is attached to the blackout curtain.

Material: 420D Oxford cloth
Color: Black
Product Size:
Blackout curtain(WxL ):1.45x2m
hook and loop:3*10cm
Tape measure:3m

Package Contents:
1xBlackout curtain
1xStorage bag
1x Tape measure
10 pairs hook and loops