Portable Silicone Cosmetic Brush Case with Mirror

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This upgraded makeup brush bag comes with a mirror to make it easier to apply makeup while traveling or in your everyday life.

Made of high-quality silicone, which is soft and untransformed.
Easy to wash with Clear water water and soap.
The cosmetic brush bag with lanyard for easy hanging and carry.
Small and light designs can easily be put in your handbag and suitcase.
Great for makeup brushes,lipstick, eye shadow, Toothbrush,pencils,eyebrow pencil and etc.

Make up brush bag:Silicone
Color: Pink,Black, Khaki, White
Product Size :21x6x2.7cm
Hang Lanyard :18-20cm

Package Contents:
1xMake Up Brush Bag
1x Hang Lanyard