Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Lens Protector Set

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This lens protector helps to protect your Galaxy S23 Ultra camera lens from dust, damage, and scratches, providing maximum protection for your phone camera lens.

The individual metal ring and tempered glass camera cover protect your lens from damage and scratches.
With high transparency that can help maintains the original image quality of your photos.
The individual-lens design keeps your flash uncovered and working perfectly.
The camera lens protector oleophobic layer can provide protection against water, oil, dust, fingerprints, and scratches.
Easy to install and remove.

Note: Removing the camera lens cover after using it for a period of time will cause the viscosity of the adhesive to decrease, so it is not recommended to install it again after a long period of use.

Material: Tempered Glass, Alloy
Colour: Black, Green
Compatible Model: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Package Content:
1 x Set of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Lens Protector