Set of 6pcs Miniature Fairy Door for Tree Outdoor Garden Decoration Fariy House

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The miniature fairy door is designed with hollow window ornaments or other sculptural simple patterns, which are vivid and delicate, suitable as the decoration of the mini fairy garden

Made of high quality wood, this amazing fairy door is durable and for places like trees and children's rooms.
The styles of fairy doors are very beautifully printed, the unique printing technology makes them look three-dimensional, perfect to help add a sense of mystery to your garden or children's room.
With a height of 8cm, the fairy door is theperfect outdoor decoration that will enchant your kids.
The fairy door set can be hung, or placed in the corner. Hang them in your garden, yard, lawn, room, etc.
Placed in the corner of the home or on a monotonous wall, when family members pass by or children find it, they will find that your home has many surprising corners.

Material: wood
Size(LxW): approx. 8 x 7cm(detailed dimensions are as shown)

Package contents:
6 x Fairy Door Ornaments