Sheet Quilt Cover Storage Bag Bedding Compartment Finishing Box Household Wardrobe Storage Artifact

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It massively improve the utilisation of your drawer space, breathable mesh can keep air circulation to the greatest extent, thereby keeping your sheet quilt cover fresh and reducing odor

Two wide and three narrow compartments, specially designed for large and small sheets, the width between the wide compartments is 10cm, and the width between the narrow compartments is 7cm.
Thickened handle. There are handles on both sides for easy access.
Overlay placement. It saves space and does not occupy space, and it is easy to find clothes in the transparent compartment.
Can hold sheets, quilt covers, coats, thin down jackets, bath towels, etc.

Material: Oxford cloth, nylon
Color: white, grey, green
Size(LxWxH): 44 x 33 x 22cm

Package contents:
1 x Sheet Quilt Cover Storage Bag