Stained Birds Home Ornament Decorations

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These beautiful bird ornaments will liven up your home.

Bird lines made with superb craftsmanship and quality materials can add vitality to your home.
A great choice for home decor, whether placed in the kitchen or on the table.
Double-side colorful painting.
It is good choice for gift giving, which makes children happy and playful, and make the collectors surprising.
Decorative sculpture is not only suitable for lovers, family members, friends or children, but also for yourself, so that you can keep a good mood every day.
Note: The decoration is flat, not 3D.

Material: Iron
Color: multi-color
Style: One bird, A branch of 2 birds, Three birds in one branch (relative direction), Three birds in one branch(same direction), A branch of 5 birds
Product Size :
One bird :16 x15 x8 cm
A branch of Two birds :16 x 24 x8 cm
Three birds in one branch (relative direction):16x20x8cm
Three birds in one branch(same direction): 16x17.5x8cm
A branch of Five birds :15x28x8cm

Package Contents:
1 x Bird Ornament